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    Dairy Protein Shake - 6 Sachets Variety Box

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  • Description
  • Whether you’re looking to try Heal but you’re not ready to commit to a full pack yet, or don’t know what Heal flavour to try? Our Variety Box is a combination of all our protein shakes in a form of sachet, for you to enjoy on-the-go. Now you can try all the flavours and get a little taste of all the magic. 


  • What’s inside?
  • All 6 Flavors of Heal Dairy Protein Shake!

    • Signature Chocolate (expiry date: Oct 2024)

    • Classic Coffee (expiry date: Oct 2024)

    • Matcha Latte (expiry date: Nov 2024)

    • Coconut Shake (expiry date: Oct 2024)

    • Passionfruit Punch (expiry date: Oct 2024)

    • Berry Berries (expiry date: Oct 2024)

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