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Free Shipping Available ✈️ With Min Spend

    About Heal Upgrade

    We have recently upgraded our website to serve you better!

    What can I expect on the new website?

    ✔ Brand new reward program with more ways to earn Heal Points for instant cashback. 

    ✔ 2.5 times more Heal Points when you shop with us 🛒

    Faster site loading speed.

    Simple promo & easier checkout process.

    Smooth shopping experience.

    What are the new Heal reward program?

    Earn 1 Heal Point for every USD 1 spent. 

    Earn extra Heal Points when you follow our social media.

    And more upcoming rewards!

    If I re-activate my account, will I lose my previous Heal Points?

    Fret not! We might not be able to transfer some of your details however, your points have been credited once you re-activate your account 😊

     *Note: Please reach out to us if your Heal Points are not reflected in your account.