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    Heal Grey Shaker Bottle (700ml/500ml)

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  • Description
  • Why it's cheap? Because we subsidize this Heal Bottle!   As part of our efforts in reducing single use of plastic, we subsidized substantial cost of this Heal Shaker Bottle to encourage everyone on the use of reusable bottles. ZERO profit is made out of this bottle. Lets get hydrated and drink Heal with our reusable Heal Shaker Bottle! Together, lets reduce, reuse and recycle for a greener environment! 1 x Heal Bottle (700ml/500ml, Protein Shaker) , 1 x Easy Shake Reusable Ball 
  • Why use Heal Bottle?
  • Easy & Light
    Integrated with the flip cap, the adjustable carry loop allows you to carry it when your hands are full and offer a convenient place to hook and attach any tiny personal belongings such as keys and gym tags.

    Its light and durable. Easy to carry around and does not take much space in the bag.

    Made only from the highest quality materials, Heal Bottle is definitely safe to be reused unlimited times.

    Embossed Ounce and ML Markings
    Transparent bottle design with embossed marking to help easily measure the water level to make beverages.

    *Note: Be gentle with the bottle. Inappropriate usage / accidental drops may damage the structure of the bottles and cause leakages. Refund / replacement will only be provided if leakages happened and within first 3 days upon receiving the item.*

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